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  • Last update:  2023-07-21
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    V 11.0

    V 11.0



    V 11.0.76

    V 11.0.76

    • Top parameter pane supports custom settings for the number of displayed widgets. For details, see section "Number of Displayed Widgets".

    • Top parameter pane supports background displaying. For details, see section "Parameter Pane Background".


    The default parameter interface of the template is called through the funnel filter button on the bottom of the report. You can click the button to jump to a new page and edit the parameters. Then you can perform a query.


    You may not be accustomed to this interaction, and hope that the parameter interface can be directly displayed in the report body, with no need to perform page jumps for selecting parameters.

    Note: The parameter pane on mobile terminal does not support the label widget.


    Implementation Method

    Set Style template in Mobile Terminal of the parameter pane to Top. You can directly filter parameters at the top of the report when previewing templates on mobile terminal.


    Where to Set

    In the report designer, you can set the display style of the parameter pane to Top in CPT and FRM templates.

    Select para, click Mobile Terminal on the attribute configuration pane, and set Style template to Top.


    Automatic Query

    Auto Query is ticked by default in the top parameter pane. When you preview the template, the report will be immediately updated after the data is selected by the widget.


    If you untick Auto Query, the Submit button will occur in the top parameter pane. After the data is selected by the control, you need to click Submit to update the data in the report.


    Widget Display Rules

    Number of Displayed Widgets

    The top parameter pane supports the setting of displaying the number of widgets from version V 11.0.76.

    • Tick Auto Query: display up to four widgets. Additional widgets will be placed in More. The widget query will be expanded on the right side after clicking More.

    • Untick Auto Query: display up to three widgets. Additional widgets will be placed in More. The widget query will be expanded on the right side after clicking More.


    Widget Initialization Display Rules

    • With a default value: display the widget value already set. If multiple default widget values are set, display the first value and the number of selected wisgets.


    • Without default value: display in the order of Watermark, Label Name, and empty Widget Value. The corresponding setting position is shown in the following figure.


    The effect is as follows.


    Parameter Pane Background

    The top parameter pane supports the display of background set in PC end from version V 11.0.76.

    Note: When you preview on the mobile end, only Color and Gradient Color are supported currently. Other options will only take effect when the template is mounted for preview in the decision-making system.


    Both the mobile terminal and HTML5 end are supported for displaying the background. The preview effect is shown in the following figure.


    Sample Template

    Click to download the sample template used in this document: Multi-value Query_mobile.cpt

    For the effect, see section "Preview".


    Data Filtering Effect

    When there is a Text Field in the parameter pane, select Top and the Filter button is displayed at the top. Click it to go to the query interface from the sidebar.


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