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  • I. Overview

    Sometimes you wish to embed a report in a gauge to display detailed data. To meet this requirement, you can reference an existing common report via iframe; alternatively, FineReport provides report blocks to meet this requirement, so that you can directly edit a report block in a dashboard rather than create a new common report.

    II. Design report block style

    Drag a report block named report0 into body. 

    You may set it as invisible.


    Set report block style.

    Adjust padding. Padding means the distance of the body of a report from the edge of the report block or, if there are borders, from the borders. Set padding as follows:

    You may choose whether to display the toolbar.

    III. Differences between report blocks and common reports

    1. Functional limitations of report blocks

    • One cannot insert floating elements.

    • One cannot insert cell widgets.

    • One cannot insert sub reports.

    • One cannot use multiple preview modes or set corresponding events.

    2. Cells referencing report blocks

    In referencing data in a report block, the formula is name of the report block~cell, e.g., report0~A1.

    3. Limitations when report blocks are displayed on mobile terminals

    1) Report block toolbar: display of the toolbar on mobile terminals not supported by the App V10.0.

    2) Rendering style: shadow not supported.

    3) Round corner: not supported.

    4) Title format: font change not supported, only system font displayed.

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