6.0.5 Update Log

  • Last update:  2023-04-03
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    Analysis Subject

    Batch Moving and Deleting

    Users can batch move and delete folders and analysis subjects under My Analysis as well as database tables and folders under Public Data.

    6.0.3 Update Log1.png

    Viewing Last Edited

    In My Analysis, click Last edited and users can quickly access analysis subjects they edited recently, including those collaborated with other users.

    6.0.3 Update Log2.png

    Adding Direct Connection and Extraction Data to the Same Subject

    Users can now add both direct connection and extraction data to the same analysis subject. However, these two types of datasets cannot be correlated for analysis and can only be made into separate components.

    Viewing Lineage Analysis of Components

    Lineage analysis allows users to view the source, child data, and dashboards of the current component.

    Users can click Blood Analysis to view component information in version 6.0. Datasets, components, and dashboards can be directly edited by clicking on them.

     6.0.3 Release Notes03.gif


    Adding Conditional Label Column

    Support adding rows and labeling them based on different conditions.

    For example, label rows based on scores in Maths, Chinese and English.


    Adding Auxiliary Merging Basis

    When the merging basis cannot be used directly (such as when the field types are inconsistent), users can use Create consolidated calculations to create an auxiliary merging basis.

    Then users can directly perform a left/right merge without processing the table.



    Duplicate Values Detection

    Duplicate values in the merging basis often indicate data errors. If it is not an error, it can still cause the data to multiply due to the Cartesian product.

    Therefore, users should pay attention to whether there are duplicate values in the merging basis. This update can help to verify the data.


    Optimization of Data Source Display

    When editing data, users hover the mouse over Data Source, and will see the specific data source as a tooltip.


    Optimization of Switch Data Icon

    Users can directly click Switch data in Data Source.


    Optimization of Updating Excel Icon

    Users can directly click Update Excel in Data Source.


    Updating Data Status Prompt

    For non-up-to-date data, users can click view details in the data status to see the specific tables that have not been updated.

    Supporting StarRocks Database

    FineBI supports data connection to StarRocks database. You can find StarRocks's icon here:

    For details, see StarRocks Data Connection.


    Supporting Expanding the Preview Area

    Expand the preview area to help users view data easily.

    For details, see Editing Data Overview.

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    Creating New Dataset

    FineBI supports directly creating new datasets within the subject based on existing datasets.

    For details, see Data Management Function.

    ezgif.com-video-to-gif (5).gif

    Adjusting the Order of Data Tables Within the Subject

    Adjusting the order of data tables within the subject by dragging is supported.

    For details, see Editing Data Overview.

    ezgif.com-video-to-gif (6).gif

    Supporting the Integrated Analysis of HAHA's Directly-Connected Dataset and Excel

    The integrated analysis of directly connected dataset of HAHA database and Excel is now supported.

    For details, see Directly Connected Database that supports integrated analysis with Excel.

    Optimizing Prompts of Updating Queuing/Slow Updating

    • The task waiting in line: Touch Waiting in Line with your mouse to see the reason.

    • The updating task: Touch Updating... with your mouse to see its concrete progress.

    For details, see Update Task Management.


    • The update prompt has also been added to Update Information to help you determine if the update is stuck when the updating time is too long.

    For details, see Update Information.

    Optimized Data Editing Interface

    The data editing interface (corresponding to the self-service dataset function in version 5.0) now includes a function bar at the top of the interface that resembles Excel, providing a more intuitive and familiar user experience. This allows users to quickly locate and use the necessary functions.

    6.0.3 Update Log4.png

    Optimized Field Selection

    In version 5.0, fields in the table selected are all selected by default, while in version 6.0, users can click Filed Settings and select the fields they need.

    Added Synchronization of Column Name and Step Name

    After users name a new column, the name of the corresponding analysis step will automatically be synchronized on the right side.

     6.0.3 Update Log5.png

    Optimized Column to Row

    Column to Row converts a one-dimensional table into a two-dimensional table. In version 6.0, the interface for this function has been optimized to be more user-friendly and intuitive.

    6.0.3 Update Log6.png

    6.0.3 Update Log7.png

    How to use the function:

    6.0.3 Update Log8.png

    Setting Calculation Limits when Editing Data

    When users edit data, the preview area displays real-time calculation results based on the calculation settings. However, when they are dealing with large amounts of data, this may affect system performance and stability.

    To prevent such risks and ensure optimal use of FineBI, version 6.0 now includes a limit-setting option within the preview area.

    6.0.3 Update Log9.png

    Added Limitations to Self-Service Dataset Update

    The update task has been optimized with additional prompts and limitations.

    When the self-service dataset is set to Update with the Parent Table, timed updates cannot be set. Hovering over the grayed-out button displays the prompt: Datasets that are updated with the parent table do not need to be set to update regularly.

    6.0.3 Update Log10.png

    Optimized Update Prompt

    For tables that should be updated but cannot be updated due to abnormal situations, a new prompt has been added: Related tables are not updated as expected due to exceptions.

    Optimized Kerberos Authentication

    In version 5.0, files had to be placed in the back-end folder for Kerberos authentication. In version 6.0, Kerberos authentication has been optimized to allow users to upload relevant files directly on the front end.

    6.0.3 Update Log11.png

    Added Inheritance Permission Prompt

    A new prompt has been added: Enabling permission inheritance will invalidate the added association. Are you sure to enable permission inheritance?

    6.0.3 Update Log12.png


    Optimization of Row Permission

    For fields that cannot be selected in row permissions (due to circular dependencies in the relationships), they will be grayed out and cannot be selected.

    Moving the BI Cache Function to the General Tab

    For details, see BI Cache.

    System Parameter Optimization

    New parameters Excel export remaining disk space and Update High Performance Time Interval are added.

    Functions of Spark Driver PortSpark blockManager Port, and Spark dynamic adjustment function in parameters are deleted.

    Parameter classification has been optimized and the classification of some parameters has been adjusted.

    For details, see BI/Spider Parameters.

    Analyzing the Subject Framework

    Optimization of Subject Merging Function

    Recommended subjects for merging: If the data tables used by the component in the subject have been published to the public data, the system will automatically recommend merging that subject with the subject where the data table is located.

    Data replacement: Replace the data used by your merged subject with tables in My Analysis as much as possible to facilitate smoother analysis.

    For details, see Subject Merging Plugin.


    Data Alert Plugin

    While using the dashboard to display data, you also need to monitor abnormal data on a daily basis.

    Traditional manual monitoring is still widely used. But it is time-consuming, laborious, and prone to omissions.

    Currently, data alert is available for regular scheduling. But for admins who need to open permissions to different business users, it leads to inconvenient management. Besides, the regular scheduling function is somewhat difficult for business users.

    At this point, you can install and use the Data Alert Plugin to create your own data monitoring system and receive email notifications when abnormal data is detected.

    For details, see Data Alert Plugin.



    Setting Parameters Within Components

    Users can use parameters to replace constant values in calculations, like calculated fields and detail filters. By assigning values to parameters through filter components, users can dynamically control data.

    The usage of parameters has evolved in version 6.0 due to changes in the analysis path.

    6.0.3 Update Log13.png

    Setting Multiple Indicators in Pie and Funnel Charts

    This feature is especially useful when:

    l  Viewing data proportions across multiple indicators using pie charts

    l  Creating funnel charts based on several indicators.

    In FineBI 6.0.5, users can create both pie and funnel charts based on multiple existing indicators.

    For details, see Multiple Indicators in Pie Charts and Multiple Indicators in Funnel Charts.

    Optimized Axis Label Styles

    Users may have encountered the following problems with axis labels in the charts:

    l  Labels are too long to display fully, resulting in truncation.

    l  Labels look messy or are difficult to read when rotated.

    l  Labels do not fit attractively within the chart.

    The new display options help resolve these issues.

    6.0.3 Update Log14.png

    Optimized Display for Empty Values in Line Charts

    If there are empty values in the database table, users can choose how to display them in the line chart. Choose in a row for aesthetics, Disconnect and Set to zero to observe anomalies.

    For example, if there are empty values in the table when users create a line chart, they can set Null Effect as follows:

    • in a row: ignore empty values and connect the data points between 8/8 and 8/13 directly.

    • Disconnect: Line graphs will not display empty values.

    • Set to zero: set empty values to zero.

    Update 2.gif

    Exporting Components to Excel

    Users can export components directly to Excel.

    6.0.3 Update Log16.png

    Optimized Component Calculation Logic

    FineBI 6.0.5 has unified the calculation logic for direct data and extract data in components.

    Viewing All Data in Components

    When users design components, View all data is selected by default, allowing them to see the calculation results for all data in the editing area.

    If a query takes more than 5 seconds, a prompt will appear: Uncheck it to use part of the data (10,000 records) to query, which can significantly improve the performance experience.

    6.0.3 Update Log17.png

    Automatic Saving of Changes to Map

    Changes made to the map display in editing mode are now automatically saved. This ensures that the map always displays the regions of interest to users.

    For example, if users are more interested in the East China region, they can adjust the map to display the East China region in editing mode, and it will be displayed in that state every time they view it.

    Automatic Saving of Changes to Multi-Series Chart

    Changes made to the series displayed in multi-series charts in editing mode are now automatically saved. This ensures that the chart always displays the series of interest to users.

    For example, in the editing mode, users can choose to only display the Southeast Region, and it will only display the data for the Southeast Region in preview mode. When users need to view other series, they can select them again.

    Customizing WMTS and Amap Layers

    Users can import other custom styles when the built-in layer styles do not meet their needs.

    Merging Existing Geographic Regions into New Regions

    Users can now merge existing geographic regions to create new regions.

    Update 1.gif

    Enabling Circular Selection for Geographic Information

    FineBI 6.0.5 now supports circular selection for geographic information.

    Group 16.png


    Optimized Public Links of Dashboards

    To ensure secure and timely access to shared information, FineBI 6.0.5 allows users to set an expiration date for public links when they share a dashboard.

    6.0.3 Update Log21.png

    Setting Titles of Other Components

    FineBI 6.0.5 now allows users to set titles on other components, making it easier for them to filter other components.

    Optimized Interaction of Filter Components

    FineBI 6.0.5 has enhanced filter component interaction, allowing users to switch between component types within the editing interface.

    Setting Location and Notes When Publishing Dashboards

    Users can now specify the location and add a reason while publishing a dashboard to Directory and seeking approval from an admin.

    Furthermore, a dashboard can be published in multiple locations.

    6.0.3 Update Log22.png

    Management System

    Optimized Platform User

    To reduce cognitive load, FineBI 6.0.6 now only differentiates between view users and design users.

    Optimized Data Permissions Configuration

    As components are independent from dashboards, FineBI 6.0.5 has added Component Data permissions in the permission configuration. This permission allows users to see corresponding table data in the dashboards in Directory.

    6.0.3 Update Log23.png

    Optimized Resource Handover

    A super admin can be the receiver of a resource handover.

    Deleted users are now displayed with their usernames, instead of being shown as unknown users, facilitating admin's management.

    Added Publication Management

    The new publication management section makes it easier for admins to manage content requested for released by users or content already released.

    Admins can view dashboards and datasets requested for release or already released by users within their permission scope. They can also filter and search dashboards and datasets based on department, role, user, status, application time, type, and name.

    6.0.3 Update Log24.png

    Optimized Data Type Recognition

    FineBI 6.0.5 has optimized the data type recognition logic to more accurately judge the number of bits. When the data type is decimal, it will be recognized as either double or string according to the number of bits. When the data type is float or double, it will always be read as double.


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