Data Entry Introduction

  • Last update:  2023-06-14
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    You can use data entry function to write page data into databases, including creating, deleting, and updating data. Data entry also supports custom verification of entered data, Excel data import, intelligent linkage based on entered values, and so on.


    1. Databases that do not support FineReport data entry: hive, impala, adb-mysql, MongoDB, XCloud DB, MaxCompute (formerly ODPS), sapbw, Magus openPlant5.0, clickhouse, GaussDB, presto, doris, StellarDB, and oceanbase.

    2. Many dashboards (FRM) requirements are not supported by data entry. Therefore, it is recommended not to use dashboards (FRM) to create data entry templates.

    Steps of Creating a Data Entry Report


    Design Specifications for Data Entry Template

    Although it is easy to customize FineReport templates, due to some limitations of the current functions, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following points when creating data entry templates.

    1. Do not create templates similar to the form of Excel because such templates might have problems in maintenance and preview performance later.

    The form of Excel refers to the template whose header column is composed of non-expanded cells, and other columns are composed of multiple rows of the same field.


    2. When there are a large number of expanded rows, do not use SQL functions, and do not enable Display Widgets Directly. The reasons are as follows: SQL functions will be executed for multiple times, affecting calculation speed, and Display Widgets Directly will affect page rendering.


    3. Use browsers with Google rendering engine to preview templates. For example, use Chrome and Edge.

    Knowledge Expansion

    You can also use FineDataLink to synchronize operations of creating, deleting and updating data in database A to database B, reducing task configuration costs and improving data collection efficiency.

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