Introduction to Fine-Mobile

  • Last update:  2020-12-28
  • I. Overview

    1) Reports created by FineReport can be viewed not only on PC, but also on mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices, allowing users to view reports in the system anytime, anywhere, and keep track of the business in real time.

    2) The mobile terminal of FineReport was developed using both native parsing and HTML5.

    • Native parsing: Users can access the entire report project on an App "DataAnalyst".

    • HTML5: users can access the entire report project or a single report on a mobile browser.

    You will learn
    • The Advantages of the Two Technologies for the Mobile Terminal

    • Template for Mobile Terminals

    II. The Advantages of the Two Technologies for the Mobile Terminal

    1) Native App use ReactNative technology, which introduces the idea of plug-in, allows customization of features, and gives the whole system excellent stability and scalability. The App get the reports accessible in the server by connecting to the server and presents them in an adaptive way. The basic procedure is: Add a server for the App→administrators authorize users on the PC→users log in and view reports.

    2) HTML5 has good platform compatibility. It makes use of the browsers on mobile devices to view reports and can be integrated with other third-party Apps.


    III. Template for Mobile Terminals

    1) Mobile templates are made in the same way as PC templates, supporting ordinary reports and Dashboards and other forms of reports. However, mobile templates have some unique attributes, features and styles.

    2) Please read: List of Function Points Not Supported by the MobileMobile report designInstall the APPMobile Report Feature

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