Insert Data Columns

  • Last update:  2020-11-30
  • I. Overview

    1) A Data column refers a column in a FineReport dataset.

    2) Inserting data columns is the first step to process data in FineReport. You can make reports from data after inserting data columns into cells.

    You will learn
    • Insert Data Column

    • Quick Ways to Insert Data Column

    II. Insert Data Columns

    1. Create a dataset via DB Query and drag table [ORDERS]

    2. Click the small triangle in front of the dataset to expand all data columns

    3. 3 ways to insert data column.

    1)Method 1: In the right-hand pane, click the drop-down box and select [Insert Data Column]

    2)Method 2: In the upper toolbar, click [Insert] > [Cell Element] > [Insert Data Column]

    3)Method 3: In the upper toolbar, click the data column icon

    4. Data Column setting window

    1)The Data Column setting window pops up

    2) Click the drop-down boxes to select the target dataset and data column.

    3) Click OK. A data column is inserted in B2.

    III. Quick ways to insert data column

    1. Drag a data column directly to a cell

    2. Insert a series of neighboring data columns to a series of cells

    1) Enter Shift and select all the data columns to be inserted.

    2) Drag the selected data columns and drop them in D2.

    3) At the time you release the mouse, select From left to right.

    4) The selected data columns are inserted to a series of neighboring cells from left to right.

    3. Modify the settings of a data column

    Double-click any cell with a data column, and the Data Column setting window will pop up.

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