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Template Multilingual Switchover
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Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionMultilingual Solution Plugin VersionNew Function11.0V1.3/11.0V2.0[Full Text:]

System Multilingual Switchover
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Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionMultilingual Solution Plugin VersionNew Function11.0V1.3/11.0V2.0[Full Text:]

Template Message Event Plugin
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Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionPlugin NamePlugin VersionFunctional Change11.0Template Message Ev[Full Text:]

Number Widget
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 11:57      Tag:      Edit:20 Times    |   View:423 Times

Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionApp VersionFunctional Change11.0//11.0.2111.0.85Added the Allow O[Full Text:]

Working Directory Switchover
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 09:21      Tag:      Edit:26 Times    |   View:566 Times

Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionFunctional Change11.0/11.0.6Added the validation for Switching Wo[Full Text:]

Designer Detection/Feedback
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Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionFunctional Change11.0.6Added the designer detection function.11.0[Full Text:]

FAQs of Version Mismatch Between JAR Packages and Plugins
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:03-03 10:47      Tag:      Edit:5 Times    |   View:332 Times

Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionFunctional Change11.0/11.0.20Optimized the plugin overwriting log[Full Text:]

New Template Version Management
Author:_764053      Create Time:09-22 10:22      Tag:      Edit:1 Times    |   View:68 Times

Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionFunctional Change11.0.191. Added the Version Management func[Full Text:]

Report Management Panel
Author:_791089      Create Time:09-15 16:43      Tag:      Edit:1 Times    |   View:131 Times

Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionFunctional Change11.0/11.0.81. Added the Search icon and the Sele[Full Text:]

Update & Upgrade
Author:Penny.Kong-孔蓬琳      Create Time:08-31 17:01      Tag:      Edit:6 Times    |   View:131 Times

Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionFunctional Change11.0/11.0.7Optimized the display content of the[Full Text:]

Watermark Setting
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Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionHTML5 Mobile Display Plugin VersionFunctional Change11.011.0.37/1[Full Text:]

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Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionFunctional Change11.0/11.0.17Modified the operation item sequence[Full Text:]

Designer Start Page
Author:印然      Create Time:11-11 10:14      Tag:      Edit:15 Times    |   View:24166 Times

Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionFunctional Change11.0.8Added the designer start page.FunctionsThi[Full Text:]

Repeat and Freeze
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Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionFunctional Change11.0/11.0.121. Optimized the setting interface o[Full Text:]

Designer Plugin Management
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Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionFunctional Change11.0/11.0.7If the plugin A (installed in the for[Full Text:]

Data Column Attributes
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Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionFunctional Change11.0/11.0.101. Moved Format to under Insert[Full Text:]

Upgrade Detection Tool
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Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionPlugin VersionJAR Package VersionFunctional Change10.0 & 11.0[Full Text:]

Designer Installation
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-12 15:04      Tag:      Edit:88 Times    |   View:17825 Times

Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionFunctional Change11.0/11.0.17Supported creating FVS files associa[Full Text:]

Global Search and Replace in Templates
Author:用户y1180505      Create Time:04-13 17:17      Tag:      Edit:6 Times    |   View:187 Times

Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionFunctional Changes11.0.9Added Global Search and Replace&nbsp[Full Text:]

Common Problems Due to JAR Package Mismatch
Author:Carly      Create Time:03-03 10:47      Tag:      Edit:14 Times    |   View:21055 Times

Summary:OverviewVersionReport Server VersionsFunction ChangesV11.0/Problem DescriptionThere are two main type[Full Text:]

A Guide to Updating the Minor Version
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:11-11 15:35      Tag:      Edit:70 Times    |   View:797 Times

Summary:OverviewVersionsReport Server   VersionFunction   ChangesV11.0/V11.0.9The product has the &[Full Text:]

Abnormal Jar Packages Detection
Author:用户y1180505      Create Time:04-13 17:03      Tag:      Edit:4 Times    |   View:253 Times

Summary:OverviewThis chapter provides solutions for abnormal JAR packages when using the Designer Environment[Full Text:]

Upgrade Guide of FineReport (V10.0 to V11.0)
Author:frenadmin1234      Create Time:04-08 15:58      Tag:      Edit:5 Times    |   View:279 Times

Summary:OverviewUpgrading FineReport from V10.0 to V11.0 is a cross-version upgrade. This article mainly intr[Full Text:]

Designer Overview
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-12 15:32      Tag:      Edit:70 Times    |   View:1406 Times

Summary:I. Run FineReport Designer1. Run FineReport Designer Run FineReport Designerby double clicking i[Full Text:]

Upgrade Procedure (V10.0 to V11.0) on Linux
Author:frenadmin1234      Create Time:03-08 12:29      Tag:      Edit:11 Times    |   View:149 Times

Summary:OverviewFunctionsYou can upgrade the 10.0 web project to the 11.0 project through an independent auxi[Full Text:]

Upgrade Procedure (V10.0 to V11.0) on Windows
Author:Anna.Li-李晓晗      Create Time:03-16 16:20      Tag:      Edit:10 Times    |   View:157 Times

Summary:OverviewFunctionsYou can upgrade the Web project from version 10.0 to version 11.0 through an indepen[Full Text:]

Upgrade Preparation of FineReport (V10.0 to V11.0)
Author:帆软用户ErratqVVM3      Create Time:03-17 12:36      Tag:      Edit:3 Times    |   View:182 Times

Summary:OverviewThis article will explain in detail the preparations required before you upgrade FineReport 1[Full Text:]

Upgrade Procedure (V10.0 to V11.0) Through Deployment
Author:frenadmin1234      Create Time:03-09 15:06      Tag:      Edit:4 Times    |   View:135 Times

Summary:OverviewDeployment upgrade means that you can directly deploy a new 11.0 system, and then move the 10[Full Text:]

Designer Options
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 09:20      Tag:      Edit:51 Times    |   View:894 Times

Summary:I. Overview1. VersionReport server versionJAR package dateFunctional changes10.0----10.0.172021-07-02[Full Text:]

Installation directory structure
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-29 17:28      Tag:      Edit:21 Times    |   View:535 Times

Summary:I. Report installation root directoryThe path of the report installation root directory is: %FR_HOME%[Full Text:]

Compatibility Instructions for upgrade (V10.0 to V11.0)
Author:frenadmin1234      Create Time:04-08 16:03      Tag:      Edit:1 Times    |   View:269 Times

Summary:I. OverviewThis article will introduce in detail what you need to know when upgrading Finereport 10.0[Full Text:]

Hot key
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Summary:I. OverviewFlexible and efficient work is inseparable from the use of shortcut keys. Which shortcut k[Full Text:]

Cell Copy, Cut and Paste
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:12-06 15:36      Tag:      Edit:10 Times    |   View:339 Times

Summary:I. OverviewWhen you copy and paste a cell or cut and paste a cell, in addition to the cell content, t[Full Text:]

Format painter
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 11:11      Tag:      Edit:14 Times    |   View:336 Times

Summary:I. Overview1. VersionReport server versionFunctional changes10.0--2. Function introductionAfter adjus[Full Text:]

Batch Operation of Cell Attributes
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 11:12      Tag:      Edit:9 Times    |   View:275 Times

Summary:I. DescriptionIn Excel, you can batch operate the cells and set the attributes of the cells. Our desi[Full Text:]

Large text fields are broken during pagination
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 11:08      Tag:      Edit:16 Times    |   View:311 Times

Summary:I. OverviewThis document mainly explains some problems and solutions encountered in the process of us[Full Text:]

Superscript and Subscript
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 11:06      Tag:      Edit:14 Times    |   View:318 Times

Summary:I. Problem descriptionWhen making a report, you need to input units more or less, such as: ㎡, ℃, whic[Full Text:]

Hide rows or columns
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 11:06      Tag:      Edit:9 Times    |   View:489 Times

Summary:I. OverviewSome cells are only used for intermediate operation and do not need to be displayed. You w[Full Text:]

Merge and Unmerge cells
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 11:01      Tag:      Edit:11 Times    |   View:373 Times

Summary:I. Merge cellsMerge cells into one cellClick menu cells > merge cells or  on the toolbar. The[Full Text:]

Server Configuration Manager
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:11-24 16:25      Tag:      Edit:16 Times    |   View:489 Times

Summary:I. Overview1. VersionReport server versionJAR packageFunction change10.0.19.032021-10-29Added "P[Full Text:]

Report Background
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Summary:I. Overview1) In making a report, sometimes you have to set the background for the template to make i[Full Text:]

Insert Images
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 17:41      Tag:      Edit:4 Times    |   View:646 Times

Summary:I. OverviewFineReport allows you to insert images to cells, so as to make more beautiful reports.You[Full Text:]

Check Missing Font
Author:frenadmin1234      Create Time:01-14 14:36      Tag:      Edit:1 Times    |   View:267 Times

Summary:I. Overview1. VersionReport Server VersionFeature Changes10.0.16 and later versionsAdded "Check[Full Text:]

Template Missing Plugin Prompt
Author:frenadmin1234      Create Time:01-13 11:29      Tag:      Edit:0 Times    |   View:251 Times

Summary:I. Overview1. VersionReport Server VersionFeature Changes10.0.17Added "plugin missing prompt&quo[Full Text:]

Generate Security Key File Button
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:05-22 11:03      Tag:      Edit:7 Times    |   View:560 Times

Summary:I. Overview1. versionReport server versionJARNew features10.02020-04-26When FineReport Designer is in[Full Text:]

FineReport Version Info
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-12 15:03      Tag:      Edit:23 Times    |   View:289 Times

Summary:I. OverviewFanruan has always been committed to serving customers better. With the changes in user ne[Full Text:]

About Software
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:11-12 16:15      Tag:      Edit:5 Times    |   View:195 Times

Summary:I. AboutClick "Help>About Software" in FineReport Designer, the interface is as shown in[Full Text:]

Template version management
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:05-17 16:49      Tag:      Edit:20 Times    |   View:336 Times

Summary:I. Overview1. VersionReport server versionJAR packageFunction10.02019-05-20Template version managemen[Full Text:]

Product Demo
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:11-12 16:11      Tag:      Edit:9 Times    |   View:229 Times

Summary:I. DescriptionProduct demonstration refers to opening FineReport's built-in decision-making syste[Full Text:]

Server Dataset
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 11:14      Tag:      Edit:33 Times    |   View:636 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) The ways to use server datasets are the same as normal datasets. The difference is that[Full Text:]

Insert Formulas
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 17:38      Tag:      Edit:3 Times    |   View:1008 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) FineReport allows you to insert formulus into cells to achieve more complex and variabl[Full Text:]

Preview, Print and Export Cell Content
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 11:02      Tag:      Edit:15 Times    |   View:319 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) By default, the cell content (and background) keeps the same when being previewed and p[Full Text:]

Browser configuration
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:04-19 15:48      Tag:      Edit:7 Times    |   View:787 Times

Summary:I. OverviewThe influence of the browser on the display of report cannot be ignored. The response spee[Full Text:]

Hardware Configuration
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:11-11 15:37      Tag:      Edit:54 Times    |   View:1575 Times

Summary:I. Adapting HardwareHardwareAdaptationOperating SystemThe designer supports installation on Windows a[Full Text:]

Cell Style
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 10:39      Tag:      Edit:29 Times    |   View:674 Times

Summary:Text Styles1) Text styles can be set by custom styles (the default) and predefined styles. In this ar[Full Text:]

Report Toolbar
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:12-15 14:57      Tag:      Edit:4 Times    |   View:480 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) When previewing reports, the toolbar located above (or at a customized position) is des[Full Text:]

Web Attributes
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:11-18 09:21      Tag:      Edit:25 Times    |   View:751 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Template – Web attributes mean a report displays relevant settings in preview of a Web[Full Text:]

Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:11-12 16:13      Tag:      Edit:13 Times    |   View:376 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) AlphaFine is an intelligent assistant embedded in FineReport designer. It allows users[Full Text:]

Widget Manager
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 11:25      Tag:      Edit:13 Times    |   View:388 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Widget manager is to predefine widgets. The widgets that can be predefined include repo[Full Text:]

Predefined Chart Colors
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 11:23      Tag:      Edit:18 Times    |   View:594 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) When setting series color of charts, users will use [Custom] option to design a color s[Full Text:]

Function Manager
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 11:15      Tag:      Edit:14 Times    |   View:523 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) FineReport features strong extensibility. If your system requires specific calculation[Full Text:]

Chart Hyperlink Float Element
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:26      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:422 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Hyperlink enables linkage among float elements. Float elements include texts, charts, i[Full Text:]

Chart Hyperlink Link Cell
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:25      Tag:      Edit:3 Times    |   View:362 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Hyperlink enables linkage among multiple cell elements from the same report.2) Chart hy[Full Text:]

Chart Hyperlink Float Chart
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:24      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:390 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Hyperlink allows report linkage and chart linkage. Specifically, you can see a float ch[Full Text:]

Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:23      Tag:      Edit:7 Times    |   View:553 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) JavaScript is also an approach to creating hyperlinks. FineReport provides a set of Jav[Full Text:]

Dynamic Parameter
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:22      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:699 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Dynamic parameters are hyperlinks that control the values of the parameters.2) This art[Full Text:]

Web Report
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:21      Tag:      Edit:3 Times    |   View:756 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Web reports are hyperlinks designed for jumping between reports.2) Jumping between repo[Full Text:]

Web Link
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:22      Tag:      Edit:3 Times    |   View:450 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Web link is similar to the commonly-used hyperlink. You can add a web link to jump to a[Full Text:]

Basic Settings of Hyperlinks
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:20      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:460 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) In a common web page, you can jump to another page or send an E-mail automatically afte[Full Text:]

Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:19      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:616 Times

Summary: I. Overview1) You can add hyperlinks to specific text by conditional formatting.2) Prerequisite[Full Text:]

Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:18      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:397 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) By controlling the widget attributes with conditional formatting, you can disable the w[Full Text:]

Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:17      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:391 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) This article showcase the process to utilize conditional formatting to control paginati[Full Text:]

New Value
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:16      Tag:      Edit:3 Times    |   View:325 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Through conditional formatting, you can change the display value of text during the pre[Full Text:]

Row Height
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:15      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:290 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Conditional formatting can control row height, so you can hide data by conditional form[Full Text:]

Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:15      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:320 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) You can highlight cell borders by conditional formatting.2) This article shows how to h[Full Text:]

Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:13      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:305 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) You can control indentation via conditional formatting.2) This article shows how to set[Full Text:]

Checkbox Widget
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 11:53      Tag:      Edit:15 Times    |   View:603 Times

Summary:I. OverviewThe Checkbox widget allows you to check options. It returns true if the checkbox is checke[Full Text:]

Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:12      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:438 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) By controlling the cell background with conditional formatting, you can make a rep[Full Text:]

Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:11      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:334 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) By controlling the text color through the conditional formatting, you can achieve the e[Full Text:]

Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:10      Tag:      Edit:3 Times    |   View:381 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) With conditional formatting, you can control font properties and realize effects such a[Full Text:]

An Introduction of Conditional Formatting
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 20:09      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:652 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Conditional formatting allows you to control the display attributes of cells using cell[Full Text:]

Display Cell Content
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 11:04      Tag:      Edit:23 Times    |   View:456 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) In addition to the incerted cell elements mentioned in Insert Cell Elements, the c[Full Text:]

Cell Auto Size and Tooltip
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:11-19 09:19      Tag:      Edit:26 Times    |   View:419 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Cell auto size: When preview reports, the cell centent can sometimes exceeds the size o[Full Text:]

Currency Lines
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 10:59      Tag:      Edit:12 Times    |   View:311 Times

Summary:I. OverviewWhen using FineReport to make bank account tickets, the amount of money can be displayed i[Full Text:]

Formula Display
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 10:56      Tag:      Edit:17 Times    |   View:570 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Formula display is a type of display setting. It changes the display value of a cell an[Full Text:]

Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 10:58      Tag:      Edit:16 Times    |   View:469 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Composed of black bar and white space, barcode contains information. After scanning, th[Full Text:]

Data Dictionary
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 10:50      Tag:      Edit:11 Times    |   View:650 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) When designing a report, the data inserted into cells are actual values. When previewin[Full Text:]

Cell Expansion and Parent-child Cell
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 10:38      Tag:      Edit:11 Times    |   View:924 Times

Summary:Horizontal and Vertical Cell Expansion1) After a data column is inserted to a cell, its preview effec[Full Text:]

Insert Sub Reports
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 17:44      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:409 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) FineReport allows you to insert a report in a cell as a sub report.2) Prerequisite:&nbs[Full Text:]

Insert Slope Lines
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 17:43      Tag:      Edit:3 Times    |   View:550 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Slope lines split a cell into multiple areas.2) You can input different text into these[Full Text:]

Insert Rich Text
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 17:36      Tag:      Edit:3 Times    |   View:384 Times

Summary:I. OverviewCompared to normal text, rich text allows you to assign text in the same cell with differe[Full Text:]

Insert Text
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 17:35      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:382 Times

Summary:I. OverviewSimilar to Excel, FineReport allows users to insert text in cells, and text can function a[Full Text:]

Insert Data Columns
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-20 17:32      Tag:      Edit:2 Times    |   View:556 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) A Data column refers a column in a FineReport dataset.2) Inserting data columns is the[Full Text:]

Column and Row Split
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 10:17      Tag:      Edit:14 Times    |   View:790 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) When report data includes a large number of rows/columns, a large blank area will arise[Full Text:]

Header and Footer
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 10:13      Tag:      Edit:12 Times    |   View:478 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Header generally means the top of a page and footer the bottom of a page. Header and fo[Full Text:]

Page Settings
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:10-30 10:09      Tag:      Edit:22 Times    |   View:726 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) The page setting can control the style of each page of the report when it is printed/ex[Full Text:]

Template Dataset
Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:11-25 11:27      Tag:      Edit:3 Times    |   View:749 Times

Summary:I. Overview1) Datasets are used to store the data retrieved from databases and can be directly applie[Full Text:]

Author:ayuan0625      Create Time:09-14 17:16      Tag:      Edit:0 Times    |   View:26 Times

Summary:1. 概述1.1 版本报表服务器版本JAR 包版本10.02020-09-04其他版本没有测试1.2 问题描述tomcat项目和设计器在同一个服务器上,在设计器上切换工作目录,直接选择了tomcat下面[Full Text:]