An Introduction of FineReport

  • Last update:  2020-11-30
  • I. Positioning

       1)  FineReport is an enterprise reporting software which satisfies enterprises’ reporting needs by leveraging enterprise data.

       2)  In contrast with traditional Excel reports, FineReport provides a fuller range of reporting functions.

       3)  Compared with independently developed reports, FineReport ensures the development and maintenance of reports at lower costs.

    II. The value of FineReport to various roles in an enterprise

    1. For IT staff

       1)  Get familiar with report development quickly without learning a lot about programming

       2)  Deploy report projects as Web services fast

    2. For business staff

       1)  Gain business insight through intuitive visual analysis

       2)  Manage users, reports and permissions on the report platform

    3. For enterprise managers

       1) Get to know operations at any time

       2)  Warn a crisis in advance


    III. Typical application scenarios

    1. Sales management


    2. Financial management


    3. Supply chain management


    IV. Strengths

       1) Integrate multiple data sources into a report system to maintain business data connected

       2) Provide abundant visual charts that intuitively reflect business value of data

       3) Embed simple and easy data entry functions, so that the data collected can be well-formed and easily managed

       4) Contain a report management platform, which manages staff, reports and permissions through simple settings

       5) The report system can be deployed as a Web application and can be integrated into the existing OA, CRM or MES system

       6) Provide a mobile app FineMobile whereby users can view reports and receive notifications anywhere anytime

       7) Provide various components which can be dragged to build a dashboard easily

    V. Architecture


       1) Data layer: report developers integrate the underlying data

       2) Application layer: report developers develop reports in the designer and manage reports on the decision-making platform

       3) Display layer: report users view reports via PC, mobile or dashboard and can conduct data query in reports, click links to enable drill-down and linkage of report contents, export and share report pages

    VI. Deployment and integration of a report project

    Deployment and integration are two main features of FineReport.

    1. Deployment

    You can deploy a report project in the Web server to turn the report project into a Web application. In this way, report users can directly access a report by inputting a corresponding URL in the browser.

    2. Integration

    After the deployment of a report project, you can integrate the report project to an existing business system by connecting user accounts in the two systems through single sign-on.

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