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  • I. Overview

    1) The word cloud visually displays the numerical value of data with the size of keyword fonts.

    2) It is usually used to show the use of materials, new forms of computer-aided foreign language learning, key words and subject indexes in novel, etc.

    You will learn
    • Steps

      • Data preparation

      • Insert a chart

      • Data Binding

      • Style Setting

      • Preview

    II. Steps

    1. Data preparation

    1. Create a new embedded dataset fruit.



    2. Insert a chart

    1. This document introduces the basic method of making word cloud, and the method of inserting word cloud is basically the same as that of the pie chart.

    • Pop up the [Chart Type] panel, and select [Word Cloud] on the left.

    • Select [Word Cloud] on the right.

    • Click [OK] to complete the insertion of the word cloud.


    3. Data Binding

    1. Bind the word cloud data

    • Select [Dataset data] for [Data source] and [fruit] for [Dataset].

    • Select the default [fruit] for [Name] and [sales volume] for [value].



    4. Style Setting

    1. Change the chart title

    • Change the title of Word Cloud to “Word Cloud”.

    2. Set the background

    • Click the [Style] label.

    • Select [Backgroundl].

    • Select [BG]-[Fill] for [Color].

    • Click the black color block to select black.


    5. Preview

    1. An example of the word cloud after style setting is as follows.

    2. The designer will automatically set the position of words in the word cloud. The position of words may change in every preview. 

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