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Map Drilling User Defined Hierarchy
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Summary:I. Overview1. Expected effectIn the Map drilling, taking the area map as an example, this paper[Full Text:]

Map Drilling and Linkage
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Summary:I. Overview1. Expected effectThe template contains a map and a table, the map can be drilled, and the[Full Text:]

Map drilling with custom image
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Summary:I. DescriptionFor custom maps, many users are not clear about the complete production process. Here i[Full Text:]

Multi-layer Pie Chart Linkage
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosWhen you click different levels of a Multi-layer Pie Chart, you ca[Full Text:]

Cross Quadrant Bubble Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosCross quadrants can be set for charts with XY axis. Take bubble ch[Full Text:]

Mechanics Bubble Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosThe mechanical bubble chart is used to display bubbles in the form[Full Text:]

Different Types of Bubble Chart
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Summary:I. OverviewThe legend of the bubble chart can be set to Ordinary/Gradient/Section, and the effects ar[Full Text:]

Vertical and Curve Area Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosSometimes users want to change the line type of area map to vertic[Full Text:]

Bar Chart with Interlaced Discoloration
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem descriptionWhen the bar chart has only one series, the chart has only one color[Full Text:]

Chart Switch Attributes
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Summary:I. Overview1. VersionReport server versionFunctional changes10.0.18New chart switching function: supp[Full Text:]

Gantt Chart with Relevancy Line
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosGantt chart can not only reflect the completion of plans and actua[Full Text:]

Carousel Map Linkage
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Summary:I. OverviewIn this paper, we take Extended GIS map linkage with Extended KPI card and Gauge as an exa[Full Text:]

Gantt Chart with Machine Status
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosIn the report management of manufacturing industry, it is often ne[Full Text:]

Gantt Chart with Milestone
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosMilestone Gantt Chart is an extended application of Gantt chart. I[Full Text:]

Gantt Chart with Multiple Tasks
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosGantt chart supports multiple projects and can be classified on th[Full Text:]

Map with multiple Series
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Summary:I. Overview1. VersionReport server versionFunctional changes10.0.18Multi-series map labels have added[Full Text:]

Map Automatic Refresh
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosMap supports the function of monitoring and refreshing. If the bac[Full Text:]

Map accepts Passing Parameters
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Summary:I. OverviewSometimes we want to select parameters according to the drop-down box, and then only displ[Full Text:]

Map Zooming
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosThere are two ways to zoom in and out of finereport map. You[Full Text:]

Off-line Point Map
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem descriptionWhen users have no network, they will find that GIS layers cann[Full Text:]

Dynamic Carousel Bar Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem descriptionWhen the data source contains categories, series, and time dimension[Full Text:]

Dynamic Carousel Line Chart
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Summary:I.Overview1.Problem DescriptionWhen previewing the line chart, sometimes it is not necessary to displ[Full Text:]

Map Custom Matching
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Summary:I. Overview1. Version introductionReport server versionJar package versionNew features10.02020-0[Full Text:]

Customize the position of multiple axes
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem descriptionUsers encounter the following problems:I want to have a horizon[Full Text:]

Chart Category shows the Sum of each series value
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem descriptionWhen a chart has multiple series, we hope that the sum of each serie[Full Text:]

Chart uses HTML parsing text content
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosYou can use HTML code to customize chart title, legend, label[Full Text:]

Chart Custom Data Table
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosFor the data in the data table, some data are expected to be[Full Text:]

Proportion Column Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosWhen there is an inclusion relationship between the two serie[Full Text:]

Dynamic Column
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosIn the process of using column chart to realize visualization[Full Text:]

X-Axis aligned with 0 in Column Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosWhen the axis label position of X axis is set to 0, the axis[Full Text:]

Custom Rounded Corner and Column Width of Column Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosThe rounded corner and width of the column in the column char[Full Text:]

Column Chart with multiple catagories
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Summary:I. Overview1. Version Rreport server versionFunctional changes10.0.16Multi-classification axis s[Full Text:]

Chart Title/Axis/Label Text Wrap
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem descriptionSometimes it is hoped that the text content of the chart title,[Full Text:]

Chart Custom Function
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Summary:I. OverviewThe chart supports comprehensive customization, allowing users to make more annotated char[Full Text:]

Format the Y Axis Label to Date
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem descriptionIn some scenarios, the Y-axis of the chart is date-based data f[Full Text:]

JS Realizing to Change The Color Of The Specified Category Name
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem descriptionWhen displaying charts, sometimes in order to highlight the impact o[Full Text:]

Charts Refering Cell Data Across Sheets
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem descriptionWhen creating ordinary reports, multiple sheet tabs are often a[Full Text:]

Big Data Line Chart
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Summary:I.OverviewWhen the amount of data is very large and reaches 10,000 levels, the chart loading will be[Full Text:]

Linkage Between Drop-down Box And Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem descriptionIn some data entry scenarios, it is hoped that after a paramete[Full Text:]

Chart Custom Multi-Series Tips
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem descriptionWhen Display All Series is checked in the chart's Style>Toolt[Full Text:]

Chart Label Text Vertical
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosWhen there are too many chart classifications and series, the[Full Text:]

Custom Empty Data Tips For A Single Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosWhen the chart has no data, customize the prompt content for the c[Full Text:]

Dynamically Display the Map Area According to the Parameters
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem descriptionThe parent template displays the national map, and the child templat[Full Text:]

Chart Title Shows Statistics
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Summary:I. Overview1. Expected effectWhen making a chart, the title can display statistical information, such[Full Text:]

Big Data Flow Map
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Summary:I. OverviewWhen the amount of data is very large and reaches 10,000 levels, the chart loading will be[Full Text:]

Big Data Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem descriptionWhen the amount of data is very large, reaching ten thousand, the ch[Full Text:]

Chart Export Upgrade Instructions
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Summary:I. Overview1.Version Introduction VersionJAR package version10.02020-04-262. Problem Description[Full Text:]

JS Realizes Drill-through Chart by Category
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Summary:I. Overview1.Expected ResultIn the application requirements of the chart, sometimes it is necessary t[Full Text:]

Custom Map Label and Tooltip Location
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem DescriptionIn our daily use of maps, we usually encounter map labels, tool[Full Text:]

Carousel Highlighting of Map Data
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Summary:I. Overview1. Expected resultIn some cases, provinces need to be highlighted during the map data caro[Full Text:]

Map Configuration
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Summary:I. Overview1. VersionReport Server Version11.02. Application scenariosThere is a Map Configuration fu[Full Text:]

Radar Chart Custom Axis Value Interval
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application ScenariosThe radar chart is newly added with the function of specifying the[Full Text:]

Radar Chart Custom Attributes
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenarioThe radar chart can customize the scale and style of the axis,[Full Text:]

Use the Gauge to Realize Progress Bar
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Summary:I. Overview1. Expected effectUse the gauge to achieve the effect of the progress bar, as shown b[Full Text:]

ArcGis Map
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Summary:I. Overview1. VersionDesigner versionJARPlugin version10.02017-08-15V1.2.2Note 1: This plugin support[Full Text:]

Extended Chart - Carousel Pie Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. VersionDesignerExtended Chart Plugin10.04.52. Application scenariosA new subtype is add[Full Text:]

Extended Chart - Carousel Bar Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. VersionDesignerExtended Chart Plugin Version10.0V4.42. Application scenariosA new subty[Full Text:]

Extended Chart - Non-traditional Column Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. VersionDesignerExtended Chart Plugin Version10.0V4.32. Application scenariosA new subty[Full Text:]

Extended Chart - Carousel Pixel Point Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. VersionDesignerExtended Chart Plugin Version10.0V4.32. Application scenariosA new subty[Full Text:]

Rich Text Custom Label or Tooltip
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Summary:I. Overview1. VersionDesignerJARFunction changes10.0.102020-11-02-10.0.142021-03-17Rich text editing[Full Text:]

Custom the Position of Title&Legend
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Summary:I. Overview1. Application scenariosChart title and legend can be customized to hover positions beyond[Full Text:]

Chart Custom Label
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Summary:I. Overview1.1 ApplicationThe chart can customize the labels of all categories or series, which will[Full Text:]

Big screen opening effect
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Summary:I. Overview1. VersionDesigner VersionExtended Chart Plugin Version10.04.52. Application scenariosWhen[Full Text:]

Sankey Chart
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Summary:I. OverviewSankey Chart is commonly used for visualizing energy flows.FineReport realizes Sankey Char[Full Text:]

Custom Tooltip
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Summary:I. DescriptionThe new chart can also customize the display content of the cue points. Data point tool[Full Text:]

Set Flashing Animation at Maximum Value of the Line Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1.1 Application scenariosSometimes users hope that certain characteristic mark points[Full Text:]

Custom Map JSON Resource
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Summary:I. DescriptionHere is a page for sharing the map JSON. The file contains some JSON that comes wi[Full Text:]

Turn On the Y-axis Of the Chart In Reverse Order
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Summary:I. Overview1. Problem descriptionTake the bar chart as an example. The Y-axis data obtained by the qu[Full Text:]

Kaleidoscope Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1.1 Application ScenariosFineReport's rich chart functions can achieve a variety[Full Text:]

Normal Distribution Plot
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Summary:I. DescriptionThe normal distribution plot is realized by a combination chart. The effect as shown be[Full Text:]

Map Center Point Calculation Rule
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Summary:I. DescriptionWhen writing the map JSON, some customers may not understand the calculation logic of t[Full Text:]

Chart Label Wrap Display
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Summary:I. Overview1.1 Problem DescriptionWhen the content of the chart label is too long, if the label[Full Text:]

Chart Custom Axis Label Format
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Summary:I. Overview1.1 ApplicationThe chart can customize the axis label format. For example, the axis label[Full Text:]

Change The Attributes of Lines or Markers in a Line Chart
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Summary:I. OverviewBy setting condition attributes, you can change the attributes of the line or marker[Full Text:]

Customize the Cursor Hovering Over the Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1. Expected effectWhen the mouse is moved to the series of the chart, it is hoped tha[Full Text:]

Map of Metro Station Information
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Summary:I. summary1. Problem descriptionOn the basis of the new chart, Beijing subway line map and stati[Full Text:]

Structure Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1) The structure chart shows the hierarchical relationship between each node, which is use[Full Text:]

Rectangular Tree Chart
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Summary:I. General1) Rectangular Tree Charts are used to depict the percentage of data with hierarchy, and ca[Full Text:]

Area Map
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Summary:I. Overview1) The area map, divided into administrative areas such as countries, provinces/states and[Full Text:]

Point Map
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Summary:I. Overview1) The point map is used with longitude and latitude data to indicate the metrics of certa[Full Text:]

Flow Map
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Summary:I. Overview1) The flow map, displaying the trajectory from one location to another as well as its cor[Full Text:]

Multi-layer Pie Chart
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Summary:I. General1) The Multilayer Pie Chart, based on pie charts, introduces the concept of levels. There i[Full Text:]

Extended Chart - Scene Switching Map
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Summary:I. Overviewa) Scene Switch Map integrates multiple 3D map scenes in a chart. With powerful informatio[Full Text:]

Custom Empty Data Prompt of Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1) In making a report, if there is no corresponding data in the report, then a prompt that[Full Text:]

Drill-down Chart
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Summary:I. Overview1) Click the category or series of the chart to link or jump to the corresponding web repo[Full Text:]

Extended Chart - Fancy Tree
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Summary:I. Fancy Tree - Electronic1. Add a Fancy Tree1) Click Floating Element > Chart, and select Extende[Full Text:]

Combination Map
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Summary:I. Overview1) Combination Map can be used to display areas, points and data flow within a single map[Full Text:]

Chart Introduction
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Summary:I. OverviewThis tutorial showcases the ways to configure 6 types of charts that are commonly used in[Full Text:]

Chart Carousel Switch
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Summary:  I. OverviewIn order to display different charts online on the same page, you can use the[Full Text:]

Chart Conditional Display
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Summary:You will learnCondition Display Trend LineConditional Display Chart TransparencyCondition Display Flo[Full Text:]

Legend Sharing For Pie Charts
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Summary:I.Overview1. Application scenariosPie chart support each category to generate a pie chart, and these[Full Text:]

Line chart highlight series value comparison
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Summary:I. Overview1. ProblemHow to compare the two series of line chart and mark the nodes that meet certain[Full Text:]

Difference Between Chart Hyperlink and Cell Hyperlink
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Summary:I. OverviewThe [Hyperlink] and its subtypes can be selected under the chart interaction attributes an[Full Text:]

Chart Axis
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Summary:I. Overview1) The Chart Axis is a setting under the Chart Style attribute, which is used to modify th[Full Text:]

Cell Data as Chart Data Source
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Summary:I. Overview1) Data sources for a chart include data columns in a dataset and cell data. This article[Full Text:]

Dataset as Chart Data Source
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Summary:I. Overview1) The data source of the chart can be data columns in a dataset or data in the cell.[Full Text:]

Extended Chart - Carousel KPI card
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Summary:I. OverviewThe KPI card can be used to conspicuously show the values of indicators including sales vo[Full Text:]

Heat Map
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Summary:I. General1)A Heat Map uses the shades of heats to show the size and range of the data, as well as th[Full Text:]

Funnel Chart
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Summary:I. General1) A Funnel Chart is created by superimposing multiple trapezoids from top to bottom.[Full Text:]

Drill-down Map
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Summary:I. Overview1) The Drill Map is a type of map that allows you to drill down from a country to a provin[Full Text:]