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  • I. Overview

    1) You can control indentation via conditional formatting.

    2) This article shows how to set left indentation for the heading.

    3) Prerequisites: Insert Data ColumnsAn Introduction of Conditional Formatting.

    You will learn
    • Conditional formatting enables you to set the indentation

      • Left Indentation

      • Right Indentation (no presentation is given here)

    II. Steps

    1. Create a new dataset [ds1]

    1) Create a new DB query dataset.

    2) Drag the table [Product] into the DB query.

    2. Drag data columns into cells

    1) B3~E3: Drag data columns [Product_name], [SupplierID], [Inventory_quantity] and [Order_quantity] into cells.

    2) B2~E2: Input headers and fill them with grey.

    3) B2~E3: Set as center alignment and add borders.

    4) Preview.

    3. Add headers

    1) Merge B1~D1

    2) Insert a description: Catalog

    4. Preview

    5. Add a new conditional formatting setting

    1) Select B1.

    2) Add the property.

    3) Choose Indentation.

    4) Set as Left Indentation by 50mm.

    6. Preview

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