Server Deployment Wizard

  • Last update:  2021-07-21
  • I. Overview

    Server deployment may fail sometimes. In this case, the Server Deployment Wizard helps the users detect and fix problems in time to ensure successful deployment.

    Note: The jar after 2021-01-25 support setting the data connection URL in the external database configuration information interface in server deployment wizard page.

    II. Preliminary Preparation

    Configure the container environment:

    • Tomcat 8

    • JBoss 6.0.0 and above

    • WebLogic 12c and above

    • WebSphere and above

    • Jetty 8.0 and above

    • Glassfish 3.0 and above

    • Resin 4.0.4 and above

    III. What Can Be Detected by the Server Deployment Wizard

    Detection Item

    Problems Identified


    tools.jar does not match the operating system or JRE

    No tools.jar is introduced in the project


    Embedded database fails to connect

    External database fails to connect

    websocket port

    websocket port conflict

    The Server Deployment Wizard provides detailed information of and solutions to each problem for users’ reference.

    Here we take the Tomcat container as an example to show how to solve the error of Project missing tools.jar.

    IV. Troubleshooting and Solution

    1. Troubleshooting

    a) Start the project, type in http://localhost:8080/webroot/decision in the browser (assuming it is a local deployment). If failed, the following page will pop up:


    b) If failed to start a project, the system will automatically go to the Server Deployment Wizard page. As shown in the diagram, the cause of the failure is Project missing tools.jar.

    2. Solution

    a) Copy tools.jar under the %JAVA_HOME%/lib directory to the project name/WEB_INF/lib folder, as shown in the following diagram:

    b) Restart Tomcat and go to the Decision-making Platform again. The displayed login page indicates successful deployment. As shown in the following diagram:


    V. External Database Connection Failed

    When the external database connection fails, you need to modify the configuration of the external database and click "Recheck". If the connection is successful, the new database will be activated directly; if the connected database has no table information, it will prompt that the target database is a new database and cannot be used.

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