Introduction of Decision-making Platform

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  • I. Overview

    The Decision-making Platform is the built-in report management system of FineReport. Through the Decision-making Platform, the administrator can perform authority assignment, user management, system management, etc. Normal users can view reports that they have permission to access to after logging in to the Decision-making Platform. 

    II. Initialization of the Decision-making Platform

    1. Initialize the Decision-making Platform

    1) Open the FineReport Designer, click [Server]>[Platform Management].

     2) You will be directed to the initialization web page. Initialization includes [set administrator account] and [select database]

    2. Set administrator account

    The username and password of the administrator account can be set in the initialization web page, and you can click [OK] to enter the next step. 

    For example, you can set the username to admin, and the password to admin. 

    3. Select the database

    1) Built-in database

    You can choose to use the built-in database for local trial products. You can click [Direct Login] to directly configure the built-in database and enter the login interface. 


    2) External database

    If you intent to use this platform officially, you can click [Configuration Database] to configure the external database. Details of configuring external database can be found in:  Configure the External Database


    4. Log in to the Decision-making Platform

    1) After completing the initialization, you can directly enter the login interface, and enter the username and password.

    2) The Decision-making Platform can be accessed via [Server]>[Platform Management] on the menu bar of the FineReport Designer, or by entering http://localhost:8075/webroot/decision/ in your browser when the FineReport Designer is started. 

    5. Decision-making Platform interface

    1) After login, you will first see the Directory tab. 

    2) The administrator has permission to enter the Management tab.

    III. Precautions

    After logging in to the Decision-making Platform, normal users see a different interface from what the administrator sees. Administrator can configure the directories or management items that normal users have permission to see. For specific configuration methods, see: Authority Management.

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