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  • Last update:  2023-06-09
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    Decision-making Platform is FineReport's built-in report management system.

    Admins can use Decision-making Platform to manage reports, including Permission, User, and System. General users can log into Decision-making Platform to view reports within their permissions.


    Note: IE8 only supports login and directory dashboard functions. Functions in Manage require IE9 or later versions.

     Decision-making Platform Initialization

    Note: You only need to initialize the platform when you open it for the first time. Next time you open the platform, you will go directly to the platform login page.

    Going to Platform Management

    After you install FineReport Designer, the initialization interface will be opened by default.


    If there is no initialization interface, click Server > Platform Management on the menu bar to open it.


    Setting Administrator Account

    Set the username and password for the super admin on the initialization interface. Click OK > Next.

    Note: Remember your username and password. The super admin password is not allowed to be changed and cannot be reset. Do not forget the password.


    Selecting and Configuring a Database

    After going to the database configuration interface, select Built-in Database or External Database as needed.


    Built-in Databsase

    Built-in Database is used on local devices when individual users are on free trial. Click Direct Login to log in and start.

    External Database

    External Database is used for formal use by enterprises. Click Configure Database to configure an external database for FineReport.

    For details about the configuration of external database, see External Database Configuration.

    Logging into Decision-making Platform

    After configuration, enter the admin's username and password on the login interface, and click Login.


    1. After initialization, you can open the login interface by clicking Server > Platform Management on the menu bar of the designer.

    2. To improve security, FineReport 11.0.6 and later versions require you to reset the password the first time you log into the platform. Set the password according to the requirements.


    Decision-making Platform Interface

    Directory Interface:


    Manage Interface:



    1. If you are general users, you can also log into the decision-making platform by entering usernames and passwords, but the interface of general users after login is different from that of the admin’s.

    Note: For details about setting general users as sub-admins, see Hierarchical Authorization.


    2. The opened platform changes with working directories.

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