Parameter Introduction

  • Last update:  2022-01-19
  • I. Overview

    1. Learning Videos

    For online video learning, please check: Template Parameter

    2. Function introduction

    Parameters refer to setting or assigning different values to achieve a target result. These values are parameters. In order to meet the usage requirements of different customers, the concept of parameters is introduced into the FR designer. Use parameters in the FR Designer to dynamically filter data, allowing users to interact with the data in real time.

    The parameters can achieve the following functions:

    • Parameter query: refers to the need to obtain data under different conditions . For example , to query the sales of a certain region, "region" can be used as a parameter, and different regions will be displayed, and different results will be displayed. For specific examples, please refer to: Parameter query example

    • Parameter transfer: hyperlink parameter transfer, parameter transfer between report blocks, etc. For example , for the data linkage of two report blocks, click the site of the report block above, and the report block below will display the corresponding details. For specific examples, see: Chart Drilling , Hyperlinks

    II. Implementation of parameter query 

    The flow chart of parameter query is as follows:

    • Define parameters : set parameter names, add parameters, and select different types of parameters according to the needs of actual application scenarios.

    • Parameter adding control : The control is the carrier of the parameter query. Select the control type, and by binding the control and the parameter, the parameter value can be input in the control, and the data that the user wants to view can be filtered and queried.

    • Set the parameter panel style : Change the display effect of the control bar by setting the position of the control in the parameter interface, the position of the parameter panel, the background color, etc.


    III. Index

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