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  • Last update:  2023-07-12
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    Supported creating FVS files association.


    This article will introduce how to install FineReport designer.

    Downloading the Designer

    1. Open the FineReport official website, select Product > Download at the top of the page, and enter the FineReport installation package download page.

    2. Enter your basic information and click Next. Four versions of installation packages on the download page are provided, and you can download the corresponding installation package based on your system. 

    Installing the Designer

    Note: Installing the designer with 16GB memory, 250GB solid-state drive and quad-core i5 or above CPU is recommended, which will provide you with a relatively smooth usage experience and design experience.

    1. Double-click the FineReport installation file, and the installation wizard will be loaded. When the loading is finished, the FineReport installation program wizard dialog box will pop up.

    2. Click Next and a license agreement dialog box will pop up. Tick I accept the agreement.

    3. Click Next and the installation directory selection dialog box will pop up. Click Browse and select the FineReport installation directory.

    Note: Installing FineReport designer on the system disk is not recommended.

    4. Click Next and the maximum memory setting dialog box will pop up. The default maximum memory of JVM is 2048 M (2 GB). Setting the maximum JVM memory to 2 GB or above is recommended.

    Note: The maximum JVM memory cannot exceed that of the machine.

    5. Click Next and a start menu folder dialog box will pop up. Select it according to your needs.

    6. Click Next and Select Additional Tasks dialog box will pop up. Select it according to your needs.

    For details about Generate Security Key File button, see Instruction for Generating Security Key File Button.

    7. Click Next and file association dialog box will pop up. After selecting these three options, all files in CPT, fvs and FRM formats will be opened by default with the FineReport designer.

    Note: Designed in FineReport, the CPT file is a general or aggregated report, the fvs file is a dashboard report and the FRM file is a decision-making report.

    8. Click Next and FineReport installation dialog box will pop up. If you tick Run Product Demo and click Finish, the FineReport designer will automatically launch and pop up the decision-making platform setting page. Without ticking Run Product Demo, the designer will not launch automatically.

    Launching the Designer

    Double-click the FineReport designer desktop shortcut to launch the designer.

    For details about designer startup FAQ, see Summary of Designer Startup Issues.

    Activating the Designer

    Getting the Activation Code

    If it is the first time for you to install FineReport designer in your device, a product activation dialog box will pop up after you launch the designer.

    Click Get Activation Code and go to the activation code acquisition page. Log in to the FineReport passport and redirect to the first-time activation page. Click ProductActivation, enter basic information and you will obtain the activation code


    Click Copy and paste the activation code into the cell of the activation dialog box. Finally, click Activate Designer.

    Viewing the Applied Activation Code for the Passport

    If you need to view the activation code applied for the FineReport passport, you can click the link:

    Uninstalling the Designer

    1. Run uninstall.exe as an admin in the installation directory %FR_HOME% of the designer.

    2. The uninstall window will pop up. Click Next.

    3. By default, your data is retained during uninstallation. You can choose whether to delete data.

    4. Click Next and wait for the uninstallation to complete. After uninstalling, the FineReport uninstallation window will pop up. Click Finish.

    Upgrading the Designer

    Designer FAQ

    For details about designer FAQ, see Summary of Designer Issues.

    For details about designer installation FAQ, see Summary of Designer Installation Issues.

    For details about designer startup FAQ, see Summary of Designer Startup FAQ.

    For details about creating, opening, and saving templates in the designer FAQ, see Issues of Creating, Opening, and Saving Templates in the Designer.

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