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  • Last update:  2023-11-30
  • 2023



    Supported alert status customization by Data Alert.

    Supported fuzzy font search by FVS components.

    Added the PC — mobile terminal switchover button on FVS.

    Supported hiding/display by FVS pagination.

    Supported full-screen canvas by the FVS designer.

    Enhanced model operation capabilities in 3D scenes.

    Supported app terminals by partial widgets of the Widget Display Enhancement plugin.

    Optimized the Cell Progress Bar plugin.

    Optimized the interaction of FVS dashboard creation.

    Updated map file resources.


    Supported PC terminals by App Encapsulation.

    Released on 2023-11-24. For details, see 11.0.22 Update Log.



    Added the page navigation icon for quick page switchover during FVS template preview.

    Added the 3D Background option to the FVS page background, which allows multiple pages to share the same 3D component.

    Added the Component Refresh function to FVS, which can achieve real-time push refresh based on data changes.

    Allowed you to customize the page background color during loading based on the theme color of the FVS template.

    Added export interfaces exportReportToExcel and exportTemplate to FVS.

    Added mobile-related functions for text-related widgets, including Allow One-Click Clearance, Show Word Count, and Allow Password Display.

    Supported New Multi-select Drop-down Tree Widget in the Widget Display Enhancement plugin to unify template styles.

    Supported selection of all by the FVS Dropdown Checkbox/Checkbox Group widgets.

    Optimized the tab bar style for the Carousel component, enriching template styles.

    Renamed Custom Model to 3D Custom Scene for FVS and changed data layer structure, facilitating independent setting.

    Merged popup box and web link events into the URL/Popup Box event.

    Added three parameters through the global interface showDialog to FVS templates.


    Optimized display information in Registration Management by merging the version number and JAR package information for display, and displaying project concurrency details in a details table.

    Supported the mobile terminal by Data Portal.

    Supported multi-domain synchronization and LDAPS based on the original Multiple LDAP Users Synchronization plugin.

    Released on 2023-09-27. For details, see 11.0.21 Update Log.



    Embedded the Font Management plugin, allowing you to manually add fonts required for template preview and export and enable alternate fonts.

    Embedded data alert functions to products (rather than being provided as a plugin) to provide better product experience.

    Allowed other versions of the plugin to be automatically cleared during plugin synchronization from the server to the designer, preventing multiple versions of the plugin from coexisting.


    Adopted the blacklist logic to relax username and name input verification for user adding, restricting only specified risky content.

    Added the strong reminder function in 11.0.20 and later versions, prompting you to re-register upon local container authentication failure after project restart.

    Mobile Terminal

    Added the App Encapsulation plugin, allowing you to use templates to build simple business apps and organize them through a navigation structure.

    Added the New Multi-Select Dropdown Tree Widget plugin adapted to the mobile terminal.

    Optimized the preview and export effects of WEBIMAGE-returned images on the mobile terminal to remain these effects consistent with the selected value of Image Layout.

    Released on 2023-09-08. For details, see 11.0.20 Update Log.



    Added StarRocks for data connection to meet users' database requirements.

    Optimized the Data Alert plugin to allow you to filter out dynamic time data (such as the current day, last week, last month, and same period last year) through date formulas, and perform alert based on the data during alert detection.

    Optimized the Data Alert plugin to adapt to the FVS Dashboard Edit Mode plugin, allowing you to create alert tasks for dashboard reports.

    Added the new template version management mode, supported cluster environments, and added batch management, automatic saving, automatic cleanup, and recycle bin functions to provide better template version control and management capabilities.

    Optimized version management, allowing you smoothly update and migrate historical version data from old template version management to new template version management.

    Optimized the encryption storage mechanism of common parameter combinations from encrypting parameters of all types of widgets to encrypting only parameters of password widgets, ensuring user information security and improving parameter loading performance.

    Optimized FVS to adapt to the mobile terminal, facilitating users to preview templates on the mobile terminal, view reports anytime and anywhere, and grasp data changes in real time.

    Optimized FVS to support dropdown tree/view tree widgets.

    Optimized user experience and display effects, allowing you to hold down the shift key and frame content using the mouse to zoom in on it on the PC preview page of FVS templates.

    Optimized FVS to support the zoom icon, enabling full-screen table display for better data viewing and information transmission effects.

    Optimized the report production efficiency, allowing you to batch upload files to FVS image components and local video components.

    Added an interface for communication between FVS pages and pages in web frame components.

    Optimized FVS to support server global watermark settings, which can be used for risk reminding and data traceability to enhance enterprise data security.

    Optimized FVS monitoring video components to support RTSP/RTMP protocol-compliant video streams, and added the setting of determining whether to display the video toolbar, providing a more flexible video access method.

    Added the Smooth Render mode to FVS 3D city components and custom model components, which can reduce the scene rendering effects of 3D components in edit mode and improve edit performance in 3D scenes.


    Added URL configuration items for you to forbid the use of semicolons in URLs, preventing security issues such as permission bypass, URL obfuscation, and deception for higher system security.

    Optimized the Data Portal plugin to adapt to the FVS Dashboard Edit Mode plugin, allowing you to introduce chart and table components in dashboard reports for more flexible portal building.

    Added log management record scenarios, such as clearing all users and creating desensitization rules, to meet users' requirements on security traceability and risk management.

    Mobile Terminal

    Optimized widget validation prompts (custom error prompts supported) in the HTML5 mobile display plugin, helping you quickly locate error widgets and improve data filling efficiency.

    Released on 2023-08-08. For details, see 11.0.19 Update Log.



    Added the FVS file association option in the designer installation page. After creating FVS file associations, all files with the .fvs suffix will be opened by default in FineReport designer to improve efficiency and user experience.

    Optimized the Data Alert function, built into FineReport instead of being provided as a plugin, thus offering better user experience.

    Added the Export Print Detection function in the Template Assistant plugin, which detects factors affecting exporting and printing effects and provides detection reports and troubleshooting links to improve troubleshooting efficiency.

    Added SAPBW BICS data connection and SAPBW BICS dataset to improve the quantity and efficiency of data extraction, thus optimizing the data extraction performance of SAPBW database.

    Optimized FVS to allow opening multiple FVS templates simultaneously in the designer and switching between FVS templates and non-FVS templates as needed.

    Optimized FVS to support cross-template page copying and pasting to improve template creation efficiency.

    Optimized API to make charts in FVS component compatible with multiple APIs to achieve more custom interactive effects.

    Added interfaces for controlling model track movement to FVS, which allows setting effects for models such as moving along a certain track, turning, and zooming in or out.

    Added parameters to the interface for model quick focus in FVS, which allows changing the distance, central point, and angle of the perspective while focusing.

    Released on 2023/06/09. For details, see 11.0.17 Update Log.



    Added the Widget Display Enhancement plugin, supporting Follow Theme of widget styles. It also allows customizing styles of widgets and parameter pane to meet the need for customization.

    Added notes before SQL statements in Log to help quickly locate SQL statements and troubleshoot database performance problems.

    Optimized the Data Alert plugin to allow binding template content with users, departments, or roles and generating Dynamic Receiver to send alerts about abnormal data to dynamic receivers.


    Added the User Input Verification function to verify users' input in a certain situation, which prevents the platform from saving illegal characters and filters malicious code to improve safety.

    Optimized the Report Inspection function, which can be disabled (in one click) when you preview templates to improve preview experience. After disabling, it will disappear.

    Optimized platform styles to improve visual effects and user experience.

    Mobile Terminal

    Added the UID option in NFC Input, allowing reading the UID that cannot be copied or modified in NFC card to meet the need for security of input from NFC reading.

    Released on 2023/05/12. For details, see 11.0.16 Update Log.



    When customizing GIS layers, you can add parameters after the layer URL to customize the maximum zoom level, meeting special requirements.

    Data alert email content supported setting display mode as Result Link or Alert Object.

    Opened interface for data alert plugin, supporting notification to custom platform or application, improving the performance of data alert.

    The functions of Data Alert plugin were improved, with creation steps split, multiple trigger conditions added, and variable references in text content of receiving method supported.


    The System Operations component in Data Portal could directly retrieve data based on logs and was no longer controlled by the permission of intelligent operations.

    Removed the User Behavior Analysis in the Last 30 Days and Template Access Details in the Last 30 Days components from System Operations.

    Optimized: To facilitate communication, the authorization migration plugin supports generating and destroying credential files.

    The downtime handling function was improved to be compatible to FineBI. Process auto recovery was separated from Auto restart when the machine is down and could be configured to take effect at a specific time.

    The default transmission cryptographic algorithm type was changed from symmetric encryption to asymmetric encryption, and parameters were provided to switch the default transmission cryptographic algorithm type.

    Released on 2023/04/07. For details, see 11.0.15 Update Log.



    Added the Data Desensitization function to desensitize information such as name, ID number, phone number, account, address, etc.

    Added the New File Dataset plugin, supporting uploading multi-sheet and CSV files through file dataset.

    Improved the protective effect of the Preview Only function for export attributes. For exported files, copying cells was not supported.

    Improved password setting function for exported template files. When setting file and worksheet passwords, formulas were supported.

    Data alert supported setting assignee and resolution time to ensure problem tracking loop and timely resolution of issues.

    Upgrade check tool supported checking partial information of the server, reducing user operation manpower and lowering the risk of upgrade failure.


    In Intelligent Operations > Platform Log > User Behavior, the Login Logout list was added, supporting filtering for queries.

    Optimized the scope of Login Logout records, including: default login, cross-domain login, remote design connection, third-party login, and mobile login.

    The permission management of Platform Log was separated from Intelligent Operations to improve security level.

    Released on 2023/02/21. For details, see 11.0.13 Update Log.



    In Repeat and Freeze, freezing the end region was added to meet your formatting needs for templates.

    During upgrade check, automatic backup status check was added to check whether the configured backup file exists within 24 hours.


    In the data dashboard component of the data portal, the System Operations component was added to help admins view system usage.

    When the data portal dashboard is mounted on the homepage, it supported switching to view multiple homepages in tab form by adding the parameter multihomepages to the URL.

    Released on 2023/01/05. For details, see 11.0.12 Update Log.




    V8Painter plugin functions were merged into the main product. If your server has installed the V8Painter plugin, the original plugin will be automatically disabled after upgrading without affecting the normal use of the function.


    In the drop-down list of the Date widget, dates not in the current month were grayed out but could be selected.

    Optimized the matching logic of the fuzzy search content for dropdown-type widgets. When performing a fuzzy search, it will match the display value and actual value set in Data Dictionary.


    Web components were added to the data portal, supporting importing web pages and other templates from the server, making it convenient for you to call other web resources in the data portal dashboard.

    The Quick Entry component of the data portal supported setting description information to facilitate your understanding of the purpose of the entry.

    The Quick Entry component of the data portal supported customizing whether to display the entry cover and its position to conform to the overall style of the portal dashboard.

    The Quick Entry component of the data portal supported customizing the number of entries displayed per row to meet your layout design needs for dashboards.

    The Data Dashboard component of the data portal was no longer default to viewing global data, supporting viewing the filtered results of the parameter default values set when editing the template.

    Supported entering formula in the announcement, component title, and text component content in Data Portal.

    Added the Network Check function. When encountering performance problems, you can check for network issues with one click.

    Admins were supported to customize the global Keep Login switch, meeting the requirements for system security.

    Mobile Terminal

    Supported calling some functions of the return false interface when previewing templates on mobile devices.

    Released on 2022/12/07. For details, see 11.0.11 Update Log.


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