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Adding a Condition Label Column
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摘要:OverviewVersionVersionFunctional Change6.0.5/Application ScenarioCondition Label Column allows y[阅读全文:]

Changing Columns to Rows
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0.3/Expected EffectColumn to Row refers to converting[阅读全文:]

Deleting Duplicate Data
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0.7/Application ScenarioScenario One: Handling Dirty[阅读全文:]

Displaying Characters Corresponding to Numeric Codes
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摘要:OverviewExpected EffectSometimes you need to display the text character corresponding to the value fi[阅读全文:]

Converting Field Types
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摘要:OverviewExpected EffectSometimes you need to convert the text field to the value field. For example,[阅读全文:]

Adding a Formula Column
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/6.0.2Added the entry to, and changed the name of&nb[阅读全文:]

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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional ChangeV6.0Optimized the logic of Join in Permission Inhe[阅读全文:]

Proportion Analysis for Multiple Indicators
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摘要:OverviewExpected EffectPlace different indicators on the same pie chart to display their percentages.[阅读全文:]

Splitting Rows and Columns
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional ChangeV6.0.6/Application ScenarioWhen you edit data, you can[阅读全文:]

Handling Match Failure in Join
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摘要:OverviewBackgroundWhen you perform Join, if the merge basis fields of the two tables are different, t[阅读全文:]

Data Editing User Guide
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摘要:OverviewOn FineBI's data editing page, you can quickly perform operations such as data cleaning,[阅读全文:]

Fuzzy Search of Text Fields
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摘要:OverviewDuring fuzzy search (different from exact search), the search system automatically retrieves[阅读全文:]

Union All
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/Application ScenarioIf you perform Union All ([阅读全文:]

Adding an Assignment Column
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/6.0.2Changed Add Column > Group Assignment [阅读全文:]

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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/6.0.2Allowed you to filter data through table heade[阅读全文:]

Adding a Summary Column
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/6.0.2Changed Add Column > Summary Value to Summa[阅读全文:]

[Analysis Subject] Data Overview
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摘要:OverviewBefore conducting data analysis, business users need to create analysis subjects in which the[阅读全文:]

Getting Time
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/6.0.2Optimized the name and entry of getting time.O[阅读全文:]

Time Interval
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/6.0.2Changed the time interval name and entry.Optim[阅读全文:]

Merging Tables
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摘要:OverviewApplication ScenariosMerging tables is to merge several different but associated tables into[阅读全文:]

Combining Multiple Indicators into Another Category
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摘要:OverviewPreviewThis document introduces how to calculate the proportions of the top few indicators an[阅读全文:]

Calculating the Mode
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摘要:OverviewPreviewYou may need to calculate the mode occurrence number of the consumption amount to eval[阅读全文:]

Splicing Different Texts in the Same Column
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摘要:OverviewPreviewThis document introduces how to splice different texts in the same column and separate[阅读全文:]

Replacing the Data of a Specified Column
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摘要:OverviewRequirement DescriptionYou may need to replace a certain field after creating several compone[阅读全文:]

Calculating the Time Field N Hours/Minutes/Seconds after a Specified Time
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摘要:OverviewRequirement DescriptionDate functions are widely used in work and life, and so are the adding[阅读全文:]

Determining Whether a Date Field Is Within a Specified Period
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摘要:OverviewPreviewYou may need to determine whether a time field is within a specified period. For examp[阅读全文:]

Calculating the Number of Workdays between Two Dates
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摘要:OverviewPreviewYou may need to calculate the number of workdays between the start time and the end ti[阅读全文:]

Dynamic Time Display
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摘要:OverviewYou may need to display the current time or the number of days to go until a countdown date.P[阅读全文:]

Calculating the Last Day of each Month
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摘要:OverviewPreviewYou may need to extract the data of the last day of each month, such as the last day o[阅读全文:]

Time Interval Calculation
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摘要:OverviewPreviewYou may need to calculate the interval between two time fields, such as the interval b[阅读全文:]

Column from Other Tables
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0-6.0.5Added the Create Merge Calculation function.6.[阅读全文:]

Changing Row to Column in Self-Service Dataset
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0.3/PreviewThe Row to Column function can change a on[阅读全文:]

Row-to-Column Conversion
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/Application ScenariosThe Row to Column function can[阅读全文:]

Retrieving Data of the Latest Time
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI Version6.0PreviewYou want to only keep the data with the latest time for the sa[阅读全文:]

Determining Sales Based on a Certain Day's Sales Volume
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摘要:OverviewPreviewView the daily sales compared to the sales of a fixed day based on the sales of a cert[阅读全文:]

Merging Same Values into One Group
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摘要:OverviewFunctionsBusinesses want to compile a list of all customers. However, in the original data, e[阅读全文:]

Dense Ranking
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摘要:OverviewPreviewRanking effect: 1 1 1 4 5Dense ranking effect: 1 1 1 2 3How to achieve the effect of d[阅读全文:]

Calculating Cumulative Values Starting from a Specified Time
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摘要:OverviewPreviewFor example, calculate cumulative values of contract amounts starting from 2020/06/01.[阅读全文:]

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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/6.0.2Allowed sorting a column in the table header f[阅读全文:]

Converting Text or Numeric Time Values to Dates
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摘要:OverviewApplication ScenarioThere are various formats for you to record time, but some of which are s[阅读全文:]

Group Summary
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/6.0.3Added Group Condition.Application ScenariosFor[阅读全文:]

Overview of Adding Data
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/6.0.4Adjusting the order of data tables in the subj[阅读全文:]

Data Volume Introduction
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/6.0.2For changes in the simplest table, see section[阅读全文:]

Model View
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0.8/Application ScenariosIn a subject, you can config[阅读全文:]

Basic Functions of the Added Column
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/6.0.2Added functions to the added column in data ed[阅读全文:]

Field Settings
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摘要:OverviewFor online video learning, see Field Settings.VersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0-6.0.2[阅读全文:]

Data Editing Overview
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/Application ScenariosSome datasets may not be suita[阅读全文:]

Adding Data in the Current Project
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摘要:OverviewApplication ScenariosIn enterprises, it is usually business personnel who use FineBI, and dat[阅读全文:]

Adding Excel Data
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摘要:OverviewApplication ScenariosFineBI supports analyzing local Excel tables.FunctionsYou can click My A[阅读全文:]

Data Management
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摘要:OverviewVersionFineBI VersionFunctional Change6.0/6.0.2Automatically go to the editing interface afte[阅读全文:]